Seasonal Tune Ups

Save time, money, and headaches.

Annual tune-ups help.

HVAC units today have all kinds of components that need to be serviced periodically. While there are certainly some preventative measures you can take to maintain your heating and cooling system, such as changing or cleaning your filters on a regular basis, an annual tune-up can prevent breakdowns, major repairs, and an unnecessary increase in your energy bill. At MasRam, we ensure your system is working efficiently and economically. Talk to us about our Preventative Maintenance Program, designed to save you time, money, and headaches.

Summer Inspection Check List

Winter Inspection Check List

Check Filters

Check Pressures

Inspect Drains (flush, if needed)

Inspect Evaporator Coil

Inspect Condensing Coil

Inspect Blower Motor (oil, if needed)

Inspect Condenser Motor (oil, if needed)

Inspect Condenser Coil

Inspect Belts

Check safety switches (if any)

Check Subcool

Check Superheat

Check Temperature Split

Check System Amprige

Check High Voltage Controller

Inspect Insulation

Check Service Valves for leakage

Check Thermostat

Test Capacitors

Inspect heat exchanger

Check thermal couple

Inspect exhaust ventilation

Inspect ductwork

Check blower motor

Inspect evaporator coil

Inspect gas line for leaks

Inspect furnace on cycle

Check for flame roll out


Our goal is to respond quickly, usually within

one hour if possible. For residential emergencies, please call 281.248.2119.

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